Positive Network Media can help fill in your needs or completely manage projects from start to finish from idea treatments, storyboards, and animatics to talent searching and conducting auditions to putting together production teams for services needed by businesses and Ad Agencies alike.  Marketing, business development, project execution, training, radio/TV, media buying, and other commercial services are not a problem for us to offer the biggest bang for the buck. 
















Local artists and musicians have discovered how easy it is to work with Shane and his crew to produce their music videos.  Our quality and pricing is within grasp to take their image to the next level and win over new fans creatively visualizing their music - whether the music was produced at our state-of-the-art recording studios or not.


We have made videos for wide array of genres. Pop, country, folk and classic rock bands have all found our video quality and editing asthetic to be a perfect fit to convey the images they want to their fans and soon-to-be fans.  While darker, metal, and industrial bands have found our creative edginess and sense of beauty to be perfect for helping their act stand out above the rest! Ask for more samples!



(94 30-minute episodes aired on AZTV7

Network TV/Cable/Dish/DirectTV 2008-2011)













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4 Music videos for Psychedelic Mooj

"birthrite"  music  video  for  of  the  earth  ('09 PG version) 

4  Music  videos  for  paradigm  Lost

2014  PNM work Samples