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From ad agencies like Knoodle, to local businesses like ProAction Media and CD Marksman and musicians like BJ Thomas and Psychedelic Mooj, Shane Matsumoto and Positive Network Media have served, produced creative content, solved numerous multimedia problems, and satisfied more customers than we can count!


Positive Network Media and Shane Matsumoto have been serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area since 2001.















Positive Network Media Serves... ad agencies, corporate and small business advertisers, churches, movitational speakers, legal firms, authors, artists, musicians and other people that desire professional multimedia services. PNM offers class-A post-production studios and cutting edge audio/video recording gear, first-rate web designers, web app developers, experienced videographers, and more.


What we do - Audio, video, music and commercial production, editing, mastering, podcasting, audio books, duplication & replication of optical media, game/app creation, web-design, and maintenance, media used for TV shows, commercials, websites, tradeshows, conventions, music videos, presentations, and conferences.

Video Services/Demo Reel


We have produced hundreds of productions such as commercials, entire episode production for TV and internet, as well as music videos.  We do DVD and Blu-Ray optical media authoring and content creation, HD videography and editing, pro gear (dolly, ADR/Foley stage, green screen, studios, lighting). Most of our gear is available for use by the hour or for rent.


See the client list page for a sample of our satisfied DVD & BD authoring clients.














Audio Facility/Demo Reel


Toft Audio ATB analog console, API 3124+, Digidesign/Avid ProTools HD Native, Manley, Apogee, Dynaudio, SSL, Universal Audio, Pacifica, API, AKG, Sennheiser, Alesis, Shure, PreSonus, Allen & Heath, and more. VO booths and live or isolated tracking rooms, with the full compliment of house drums and amplifiers for music projects.













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Shane Matsumoto is a well-connected project manager, producer, and problem solver.  Shane has worked with many different sized budgets, he understands the interconnected and technical aspects of multimedia, and he is comfortable in different styles and approaches to media content.


Shane is not just extremely smart, he is friendly and very easy to talk to and work with.  He will do his best to help you get the help you need even if it means simply referring you to the right people.


Shane also knows the value of surrounding himself with the right network and the personnel that focus on quality work everytime.  Repeat customers are at the heart of this business model.  All the people at Positive Network Media will give your project the love and execution it deserves. 


We offer experienced cost effective professional guidance and quality independent and confidential services. 



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